Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Responsibility towards Shri Narendra Modi as PM Candidate

Finally, the moment for which millions of BJP workers and billions of Indian voters were waiting, arrived today and the party declared Shri Narendra Modi’s name as its PM candidate for 2014 Loksabha elections. Naturally, there is a lot of enthusiasm and feeling of joy amongst party workers and supports.

There is no doubt that declaration of Modi’s name as PM candidate is an important decision for future of BJP as well as for future of India, but all of us as BJP workers and supporters must understand that it is more important that we need to work even harder because now it is he time of final and decisive struggle.

I feel so, because I think that after this declaration of Modi’s name as PM candidate, all Anti-Indian and Anti-BJP forces will unite and will more aggressively attack the BJP and particularly Shri Modi because they are well aware that the enthusiasm of BJP workers and supporters has increased even more after this declaration. Apart from this, a lot of new voters have turned towards BJP because of the excellent performance shown by Gujarat under able Chief-Ministership of Shri Modi. Today, when India is suffering from corruption, terrorsim, inflation, unsafe borders and falling economy, people from all classes of society are looking towards BJP and Mr. Modi as the only ray of hope. Everyone from college students to corporate legends have shown their support for Mr. Modi. This increase in Modi’s support also means that Anti-Indian and Anti-BJP forces will also become more aggressive. Hence, it is necessary for all BJP supporters to be more vigilant and active.

I think that all of us as BJP workers and supporters should pay attention to following tasks:
Voter Registration
Undoubtedly, it is true that there is a wave all over India, in support of Mr. Modi. But, it is also true that it will not benefit the party and Shri Modi, unless every eligible voter of the country is registered in voting list. As per an estimation, only 10-12% voters who attianed 18 years of age this year, are registered in voters’ list which means almost 90% youngsters of 18 years age are still not registered as voters. Similarly, 50% voters of age upto 24 years are still not registered as voters.

Therefore, it becomes very important for every workers and supporter to ensure that no voter remains unregistered. Recetly, Mr. Modi himself has appealed for this during his speech in Jaipur at “Suraj-Sankalp Yatra”. Every worker and supporter must register at least 10 new people in the voting list.

Several units and cells of BJP have started campaigns to make this process convenient. As per the information I have, MP BJP IT Cell in Bhopal, Maharashtra BJP Communication cell in Pune and Delhi BJP in Delhi have organized voter registeration drives and campaigns. Soon more campaigns will follow at many other plaeces. All of us must actively participate in such efforts and must ensure that our family and friends also do so.

Campaigning upto ‘Ground-level’ in party’s support
As workers and supporters of BJP, it is our responsibility to make every voter aware about the
ideology of BJP, achievements of different state governments of BJP and failures of the government at center. We can do so only when we have all relevant information and figures availale to us. Hence, it is necessary that we regularly keep collecting such information from all relevant sources and make it available for the common man through all available means. With the power of Information Technology, we have access to the new and faster means such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites etc. and we must take full benefit of these meadia. But, at the same time, we must also ensure that the campaign shouldn’t be limited only upto Internet and social media. Internet and Social media shold be used as a means to collect information and to quickly spread it so that it could immediately reach up to the ground level and up to the common man. While doing so, it is very important to ensure that the information being broadcasted by us must be correct.

Don’t be affected by rumors
It has happened in the past and it is very much possible once again that those against BJP will continue to spread lies against the party such as rumors of internal differences within the party, clashes between the leaders etc. to affect morale of party workers and supporters. It is important that the BJP voters and supporters should not get affected by such rumors and must continue to work in support of the party with full commitment and trust.

Actual voting
Ultimate aim of doing all efforts is to get as much voting as possible in support of BJP and to see Mr. Modi as the next PM of India. But, this is not possible unless this support in favour of BJP & Modi turs into votes. Therefore, it is necessary for every worker and supporter of BJP to ensure that no voter in any part of the country should not miss to vote. Each and every vote counts for victory. Hence, each one of us must vote and we must also ensure that every member of our family, each of our neighbours and all our friends vote.

Let’s work together for this, so that BJP wins the next election and we can see Mr. Modi as next Prime Minister of India. My best wishes!
(This is English translation of my Hindi blog-post published on 13-September-13. Click here to read original Hindi post.)

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